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Penile Sensitivity Facts – Retaining Penis Sensation After Circumcision

Circumcision has been hailed as a much more hygienic mode for men, because it is easier to wash the penis without having to worry about a build-up of bacteria forming under the foreskin. This material, known as smegma, can cause irritation, infection and unpleasant odors.  But recent research has shown that circumcision also has other benefits to men: it changes the bacterial eco-system of the penis, reducing the risk of infections such as HIV/AIDS.

Cutting Away Disease Risk

This study, which was published in the mBio journal, found that changes in the bacteria that is living on and around the penis could be partly responsible for the lower risk of circumcised men acquiring HIV/AIDS. It also found that just a year after men received circumcision, the total amount of bacteria that was in the genital area dropped significantly. Anaerobic bacteria that survive in limited oxygen showed the greatest drop in numbers.

Circumcision and HIV/AIDS

Circumcised men are less likely to contract HIV/AIDs, and they also have a lower risk of acquiring HPV or the Human Papillomavirus. Another study in 2005 that surveyed South African men found that men who were circumcised and had sex with an HIV-positive woman were 63 per cent less likely to get the virus when compared to uncircumcised men.
However, this does not mean men should not be wearing protection in the form of condoms, as these drastically increase one’s chance of creating a barrier towards HIV/AIDS, as well as other sexually transmitted diseases. This study just shows that circumcision could be a beneficial action against the HIV/AIDS virus.

Preventing Loss of Penis Sensitivity

Some men have claimed that they have experienced a decrease in penis sensitivity during sexual stimulation after being circumcised. Research has been inconclusive as to whether this is true, but many men have reported an increase in penis sensation with use of a penis health cream. A formula containing Acetyl L Carnitine may protect the nerves against injury and promote the regeneration of healthy nerve tissue. Other ingredients that can be beneficial to penile health include Vitamin A, which has anti-bacterial properties; and Vitamin E to help nourish and protect the skin, as well as to prevent dry, chafed skin.

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