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Targeted Nutrients for a Healthy Penis – Rejuvenate Stressed Tissue with a Penis Health Cream

Just like skin on the rest of the body, the penis requires looking after. The wear and tear of daily life, as well as overaggressive handling in the bedroom, can stress the delicate skin and cause dryness, soreness, and minute fissures or tears in the skin’s surface.

Here are just some of the common penis skin conditions that men frequently encounter:

1. Dryness or Chafed Skin
Dry, chafed, roughened skin can be not only be an aesthetic problem; it may also become a source of pain that gets in the way of sensual enjoyment. On top of this, when dry skin cracks, it can allow bacteria into the body, increasing the risk of various types of infections. Natural healing agents such as Vitamin E and Shea butter are known to work wonders on the skin to leave it moisturized and supple.

2. Redness
Sometimes the penis might look red or feel sore; rough sex or irritation due to latex, personal hygiene products and detergents can be common culprits. However, this is usually no reason to become alarmed – treatment with Vitamin E and Shea Butter can also tackle the problem, calming and soothing red penis skin.

3. Wrinkles
A penis that has a wrinkled appearance can cause a drop in a man’s confidence levels, so it’s a must to improve the situation. Antioxidants such as Vitamin C and alpha lipoic acid work to prevent premature aging of penis skin cells.

4. Broken Blood Vessels
Broken capillaries that can be seen through the skin also have the effect of making the penis look old. These can be caused by trauma to the penis, or they may simply be a sign of aging. However, the appearance of red, spidery capillaries can be diminished by applying L-arginine to strengthen the blood vessels and allow oxygenation of penis cells.

While it may be tempting to reach for a bottle of hand cream or body lotion containing vitamins and other skin-friendly ingredients, not all of these products are recommended for use on the male tissue. Many body lotions on the market consist of chemicals and ingredients such as alcohol that can cause irritation, itching and sensitive skin reactions.

In order to provide a solution to this problem, a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can target the penis tissue with vital nutrients, emollients and skin-rejuvenating ingredients, without any of the harsh chemicals that can be found in ordinary creams. As John Dugan points out, “Man 1 Man  Oil contains penis-specific ingredients such as Vitamins A, C, and D, which promote the growth and repair of healthy skin cells, as well as antioxidants and moisturizers that help to prevent premature aging and overly dry skin.”

About Man1 Man Oil

Man1 Man oil is produced in the USA in cGMP and NSF certified labels that have been FDA regulated.

Man1 consists of the finest high-quality ingredients and is QC tested for purity as well as final product tested.

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