Penis odor is never a good thing – neither for the man who is experiencing it nor anyone who is inclined to get up close and personal. The first step to getting rid of an unpleasant smell from down there is identifying the cause. The following issues are frequently to blame for that fishy smell:

– Smegma
Smegma is a substance that forms under the foreskin if the penis is not cleaned properly on a regular basis. It is composed of dead skin cells, body oils and other substances that accumulate under the skin. Bacteria thrive on substances like this, and the organisms that are attracted to smegma can give off a foul odor.

Treat it by: Following good hygiene. It’s essential for uncircumcised men to clean beneath the foreskin properly to prevent the build-up of smegma.

– Yeast infection
If an unpleasant smell is accompanied by other symptoms such as itchiness, burning, a rash or a cheesy penis discharge, then the cause could be a yeast infection. Yeast infections can be caused by various factors, such as being on antibiotics, having an autoimmune disorder such as diabetes, or having sexual intercourse with a partner who already has a yeast infection.

Treat it by: Seeing a doctor. Yeast infections are usually treated with anti-fungal creams that are applied to the area.

– Pubic hair
Hair in the genital region can trap sweat and other excretions, leading to greater chance of the area having an unpleasant smell. This is especially the case if a man has missed his daily shower.

Treat it by: Taking showers regularly. Also, shaving or waxing pubic hair can be an easy way to prevent sweat and bacteria build-up in this area. The bonus of “manscaping” is that many women appreciate a well-groomed man.

– Man-Made Fabrics
Some materials used in underwear, such as nylon or polyester, do not let air circulate the genital region. This can trap odors, a situation made worse by the warm environment that is created by these fabrics.  In some cases, the smell can take on a fishy or musky aroma.

Treat it by: Wearing materials that allow the genital area to breathe, such as cotton. This prevents any strange or smelly aromas from occurring.

– Bacteria
Bacteria can form in the genital area due to the naturally occurring moisture. Although this bacteria is usually harmless, it can also lead to an unpleasant odor.

Treat it by: Washing the penile region daily and not wearing tight or uncomfortable clothing. Use of a penis health formula (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) containing natural antibacterials such as vitamin A can help to counter smelly bacteria in the pelvic region.

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