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Masturbation Benefits – 5 Ways Self-Touches Make Her Touches Even Better

Everybody masturbates. It’s just a fact of life. However, articles that discuss the male art of manual stimulation seem to suggest that the activity is a form of theft. Rather than spending time alone, these articles suggest, men should find willing partners and get busy in some kind of paired activity, as too much touching time could kill their partnered sex lives.

It’s a reasonable suggestion, but it might also be misleading, as men who do quite a bit of informed loving during their alone time could make their partner play dates even hotter. No intense penis care is needed after a session like this, as nothing brutal is required to push a man over the edge. Here are just 5 ways in which that tender touch could be augmented with a little self-stimulation.

1. The benefits of gentleness become clear.

Few women really know what it takes to drive a man over the brink. Many women go the efficient route, grabbing the tool like grim death and moving with speed until the man begs for mercy. Men who masturbate often, however, may be adept at the sport, and they may have a variety of different speeds, grips and tips they can use on their own bodies. The experimentation helps them to learn, and often, men learn that softer approaches bring about even bigger results.

2. Guided tours are easier.

All of this information isn’t helpful unless it’s shared, and men who march to their own beat may find it easy to gently guide a partner to the spots that are destined to light his fire. These fappers know what works, and they can help their ladies to become masters of flute playing in no time at all.

3. Self-control is a snap.

Men who aren’t touched on a regular basis are a bit like taut piano strings, just waiting to break with the slightest pressure. The release that comes is so sudden, however, that it’s rarely satisfying. Frequent masturbation sessions can release some of that pressure, allowing a man to build up slowly to an eventual release that has him breaking the windows with his screams. He’ll know just how fast, how slow and how tight the pressure should be to allow him to rise up and head down over and over before the fun ends.

4. Prolonging the pleasure is painless.

Often, men with no masturbation experience resort to draconian methods when they want to stop a climax in progress, such as:

  • Pulling on the testicles
  • Pinching the foreskin
  • Pulling down instead of up
  • Biting the inside of the cheek

The shock of pain these steps can bring can stop the body from experiencing a burst of pleasure, but they’re also just a little bit drastic, and they can break up the flow of partnered sex.

With body experience, men don’t need to be so dramatic. They’ll know more about how to pump the tool without making the release come into focus, and that’s a lesson eager partners might be thrilled to learn.

5. No fantasies are required.

When a partner doesn’t know a man’s body, and he has no idea about how to direct her, the action can take years to complete. Resorting to fantasy can work, however, as the images inside a man’s mind might be interesting enough to spark his sexy side. A man with his eyes tightly shut might not appeal to a partner, however, and the event might be over too soon as a result.

Knowing the body well can make fantasies completely unnecessary. In fact, talking to the partner about what should come next could be even sexier than thinking about some random sexiness that’s happened in the past.

Words of Caution

While getting self-frisky can deliver big benefits, it can also be a little rough on the skin. A penis health creme could help with this voyage of self-discovery. These products (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can soften skin, ensuring that friction injuries don’t take hold, and the vitamins can allow cells to stay nourished and healthy for any kind of sex that might come a man’s way.

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