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Penis Health Crèmes Unmasked – 6 Hints to How They Really Work

The phrase, “Because I said so!” is rarely convincing for adults. In fact, if men were simply told to use specific health products without being provided with any real information about why they work and what they do, it’s unlikely they’d change their habits at all. But sometimes, the benefits of penis health crèmes are hard to explain, and that might mean that dozens of men don’t use these lotions because they don’t really know why they work as well as they do. These six facts might help to clear up the confusion and help all men to see the benefit of including these lotions in their penis care routines.

1. A quality crème contains ingredients a man’s body can’t create on its own.

The human body is capable of making all sorts of things the penis needs in order to stay healthy. But, the body can’t produce some ingredients that are key to skin health. Cells can’t manufacture Vitamin C, for example, and they certainly can’t make emollients that heal and soothe stressed skin. These ingredients are considered vital in the fight against wrinkled, aging skin.

2. Some ingredients are designed to support cardiovascular health.

The heart goes into overdrive during sex, shifting blood from one area to another and making sure the appropriate body parts stay firm and responsive. Elements in each dose of an intimate product, including L-arginine, help to keep that system in tip-top shape and may promote a man’s ability to get hard and stay hard when he needs to.

3. Other ingredients help to soften skin.

Since penile cells need to stretch to accommodate the changes in size, as well as to tolerate the pressure and friction they frequently encounter, they need to stay soft and supple. If they can’t do that, the skin of the manhood may develop tiny fissures that can impair the surface integrity of the skin. There are a number of key ingredients in intimate products that can help with that softening process, including:

-Vitamin E

-Plant-based moisturizers

-Vitamin C

-Vitamin D

4. Cells deep inside are nourished by vitamins in each dose.

Crèmes are smoothed onto the outer surface of the skin, of course, but they are made to be absorbent, allowing them to penetrate and deliver their nutritional benefits well below the surface.

5. The risk of taking in too many vitamins is low.

Many of the ingredients discussed in this article are available in oral supplements, meaning that in theory, a man could just swallow a handful of tablets in the morning and get the same kind of benefit he might feel from rubbing a cream on his body. But an oral vitamin must move through the body, and sometimes, vitamins build up to toxic levels when unused amounts can’t be eliminated through the digestive system. Vitamin E, for example, is crucial for intimate health, but it’s possible to overdo it with the oral forms. Lotions don’t come with this same high level of risk.

6. The chance that doses might be wasted is very small.

Since oral supplements have a long journey to make from the mouth, there’s a good chance that some of their power is diluted. It gets siphoned off here and redistributed there, and sometimes, their benefits don’t have any effect in the targeted area. Lotions have a much shorter path to take, and as a result, they tend to be a little more effective when targeted help is required.

There’s no prescription required for a penis vitamin formula (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil), and using these products is relatively easy (and self-explanatory); simply apply after a daily shower, when the skin is at its most absorbent, to experience the full benefits.

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