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Penis Health Crème Ingredient Quiz – How Much Do Men Know About Penile Care?

Why is a penis health crème such a vital part of a man’s penis care regimen? The answer is in the ingredients. This quick quiz will help men test their knowledge of what’s included in a quality product, and it’ll give men the opportunity to see how much they really know about what the tool needs in order to maintain optimum penile health.

Instructions: Match each ingredient with the penis care benefit it provides. Answers are listed at the bottom of this article.

The Ingredients

A. Shea butter

B. Vitamin A

C. Vitamin B5

D. Acetyl L carnitine

E. Alpha lipoic acid

F. L-arginine

G. Vitamin C

H. Vitamin D

I. Vitamin E

The Benefits

1) Aging is a part of life, and as the years add up, activities inside the cells tend to slow down. This ingredient helps support cells as they age, and helps cell metabolism stay within a healthy zone.

2) As the dermal tissue on the penis ages, it can start to sag and droop. It’s a natural process, but it can be a little unappealing. This ingredient can help to prevent wrinkles from forming on the penis, so it’ll look great even as a man gets up in years.

3) Firm penile tissue is touchable, while baggy, saggy skin is not so sexy. This element can help to boost the production of collagen deep inside the body, below the skin, working to plump out the outer layers of skin and keep the penile tissue looking supple and healthy.

4) Tiny, harmless bacteria live on the surface of the penis, as well as the rest of the body, and when they come into contact with oils, sweat and other substances on the skin, they can emit a powerful odor. This ingredient has natural antibacterial properties that can help reduce the scent in a man’s pants.

5) During an erection, blood vessels in the penis need to open up and relax so they can accept the blood flowing into the area from other parts of the body. This ingredient aids in the production of nitrous oxide, which is a key part of this relaxation process.

6) Some experts consider this element to be a natural “miracle,” because it’s able to do all sorts of amazing things for cell health. It can help to fight disease, keep cells functioning normally and more. It’s a must-have for anyone with a penis.

7) Healthy, beautiful skin that can stretch and contract is plumped with moisture. This ingredient can seal moisture inside skin cells, so they’ll be able to resist the trauma of sex without tearing.

8) This natural product softens and soothes skin that’s reddened, chafed and sore. With regular application, skin becomes moist, sensitive and responsive.

9) Aggressive sex acts can be fun, but they can also harm the tingles of nerves that line the penis. This ingredient can help to support and nourish the nerves, so they’ll keep responding, even when the going gets a little rough.

The Answers

A: 8. B: 4. C: 1. D: 9. E: 2. F: 5. G: 3. H: 6. I: 7.

The Takeaway

Reading up on what a penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil) can do is only part of the story. That’s because quality products work with a man’s metabolism, delivering the benefits an individual needs in order to assist with his personal problems. As a result, the benefits one guy might see might not be the same as the assistance another guy might get, even if they’re using the same product. The real way to see what these products can do involves experimentation. Using the product every day, without fail, for a period of a few weeks, could help men to really see changes, and that’s an answer that’s simply not available on an online quiz.

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