A red penis can be caused by a range of factors, including balanitis, jock itch and plain old irritation from friction. There is another cause, fortunately rare, that men may need to consider, the aptly-named red scrotum syndrome. Even men who regularly practice exemplary penis care may find themselves with this unpleasant condition.

What it is

Red scrotum syndrome, sometimes called burning scrotum syndrome, is a chronic disease which tends to affect men over 50 — although it has been found in men of much younger ages as well. When a man has red scrotum syndrome, his scrotum (and usually the base of the penis) turn a vivid shade of red. The redness is not usually accompanied by scaliness, but it is often associated with a burning sensation. The burning feeling can at times be very intense.

In addition, the scrotum and affected parts of the penis became quite tender to the touch. Sensitivity is heightened, often to a painful degree.

Red scrotum syndrome is classified as a form of erythromelalgia (also called Mitchell’s disease), which is a vascular pain disorder in which blood vessels become blocked, causing swelling and inflammation.


Red scrotum syndrome produces a significant degree of discomfort in its victims. In addition to the burning and tenderness, many men experience severe itchiness in the area. Because of the tenderness, scratching the itch can cause pain. Persistent scratching may in turn lead to skin peeling.

In some instances, the burning and tenderness are such that the touch of fabric against the affected area can be painful. Whether clothed or bare, sitting can be uncomfortable, as the scrotum rubs against the man’s legs or the chair, and many men with the condition need to sit near the front of a seat so that the balls can hang over and not touch anything.

While the red penis issue associated with the condition tends to be contained to the base, in some cases the redness does spread throughout the penis. This also causes significant issues, due to burning, itching and tenderness.

Men with red scrotum syndrome often find their sex lives diminished, especially when the condition presents on large portions of the penis. The friction on the penis associated with sex can be too painful for many; in turn, the movement of the scrotum during intercourse and its contact with other body parts also results in a higher degree of pain.


What causes red scrotum syndrome? Doctors really aren’t sure. Some factors which may be involved in triggering this condition include the use of topical corticosteroids, fungal or bacterial infections, and sexually-transmitted infections.

With so little information on the causes, doctors are also in the dark on other issues, such as why it tends to occur more often in men over 50. Some believe that it may have something to do with hormonal changes due to aging, but there is lack of research to investigate this possibility.

Because the cause is unknown, some doctors recommend that a man with this condition refrain from partner-based sex.


Doctors tend to treat the symptoms through familiar methods such as mild soaps and detergents, anti-fungal medications and proper hygiene. In some cases, doxycycline may be recommended.

When red scrotum syndrome includes the presence of an unnaturally red penis, men can get some relief by regularly using a top notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) on the penis itself. A crème that already helps relieve normal penile itching is advised; those that promote moisturizing are best. If the crème contains both a high-end emollient (such as Shea butter) and one of nature’s best hydrators (such as vitamin E), relief from itching is likely. It’s also wise to choose a crème with vitamin D, known widely as a “miracle vitamin.” The overall health benefits associated with vitamin D can improve the general health of the penis, making it more likely to withstand dermatological issues.

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