Dealing with dry penis skin is an occasional fact of life for any guy. Usually the best remedy is a little extra attention to good penis care and very soon, the delicate penis skin looks great again. But sometimes, a man might worry that persistent and troublesome dry penis skin is a sign of something more serious.

The good news is that penis cancer is exceedingly rare. But as anyone who has ever wondered such things knows, ‘rare’ does not mean the worry goes away. To help a man feel better about what is going on – and to seek help if necessary – it’s time to learn about the signs of penis cancer.

How to spot cancerous changes

A man who notices penis irritation, itching, redness or dry penis skin is likely dealing with something that will go away with good penis care. It might take a few days for his careful attention to make a difference, but he will breathe a sigh of relief when he sees that these issues are clearing up rather quickly.

On the other hand, cancerous changes tend to linger, no matter what a guy does to alleviate them. They might vanish for a short time, then come back again for no apparent reason. Penis cancer rarely presents with a simple rash or redness; instead, it will often look like an irritated spot, a sore, or bumps that change in color and size. In some cases there is no outward sign, but a man can feel a small lump under the skin of the penis, and it changes over time but never really goes away.

When a man notices something like this, he can certainly begin paying more attention to hygiene, using a top-notch men’s health crème and otherwise ensuring his penis is in tip-top shape. But if the problem doesn’t go away within a week or so, it’s time to make an appointment with the doctor to figure out what’s going on.

How to avoid penis cancer

Fortunately, there are things a man can do to help avoid penis cancer from ever becoming an issue. Here’s what a guy needs to do, starting now, to lessen his chances of developing penis cancer.

1. Embrace monogamy. A man who has fewer partners has fewer opportunities to contract diseases, and that means better overall penis health. Besides that, a regular partner might be much more likely to catch little physical changes that a casual partner might miss.

2. Use protection. If a man does have casual partners, he should take care to use protection to avoid HPV. HPV is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases. It usually causes no symptoms at all, but it can lead to penis cancer and other health problems.

3. Stop smoking. It’s been said over and over but deserves to be said again: smoking eventually changes all the cells in the body, which invites cancer and other problems to grab a foothold. Avoid that problem altogether by putting down the tobacco.

4. Take care with hygiene. A man should wash his penis every day, taking care to clean everywhere with a mild cleanser. He should dry himself thoroughly, then turn to a superior male health crème to keep skin smooth and supple.

5. Pay attention. A man who is dealing with dry penis skin and other problems must pay close attention to how those problems clear up over the days and weeks. Remember, penis cancer will usually linger and not go away with even the best home remedies and treatments, so watching for those changes is imperative.

As mentioned earlier, a good penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) can help prevent problems with penis cancer and other issues. In addition to ingredients like alpha-lipoic acid to fight free radicals and vitamin C to enhance overall health, a man should seek out a crème with Shea butter, which is known for eradicating dry penis skin.

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