When it comes to penis problems, it’s safe to say the most common issue is penis odor. Depending upon the guy, a smelly penis can show up even a few hours after a good shower during which he practiced proper penis care and good hygiene. For other guys, penis odor might not start to show up until he finishes a tough gym workout, spent a long day out at the lake or otherwise got hot and sweaty without the opportunity for another shower.

The good news is that a man can often keep penis odor at bay by simply doing a few things every single day. These steps will help ensure a guy doesn’t wind up in an embarrassing situation.

But what causes penis odor?

A man might become quite frustrated at the fact that it can be tough to eradicate penis odor. In order to understand how to fight this particular penis problem, a guy should know what caused it in the first place. Though a man might practice excellent hygiene, he still can’t stop the buildup of bacteria that naturally occurs on the human body. These bacteria love dark, damp areas – which are often found around the penis. In addition to the bacteria that causes odor, other factors contribute, such as the occasional drop of urine, sweat that clings to hair in the area, and other bodily fluids.

In men who are uncut, smegma buildup might also be a problem. Smegma is a layer of white, cheesy buildup that usually occurs right below the hood of the penis. This buildup is made of dead skin cells, skin oils, and bacteria that are attracted to the area. The result is a wicked penis odor, one that can be strong enough to stop a man in his tracks.

How to solve penis odor

Penis odor can be tackled through excellent hygiene, which includes bathing or showering at least once a day. A man should use a mild cleanser. When cleaning the penis area, he should take care to work the cleanser into the hair, thus stripping away the sweat and bacteria there. He should also pull back the hood of the penis and clear away any smegma (assuming he is uncut, of course).

And speaking of cleansers, the one a man chooses can make or break the penis odor situation. That’s because when the penis skin becomes very dry, it often develops tiny cracks. These cracks are a perfect harbor for bacteria, which can then multiply merrily and lead to intense penis odor. A well-moisturized penis allows much less opportunity for bacteria to set up shop.

A man should also take care to shower or bathe at certain times of the day. For instance, a guy who has just gone to the gym should take the time to shower immediately after his workout, thus getting rid of all that sweat that built up while he was working out. A man who notices a buildup of penis odor during the day might want to take two showers, one in the morning and one in the evening, to help alleviate the problem. And of course, before getting intimate with a partner, a guy will want to shower and make sure everything is fresh down there.

In addition to this careful attention to penis care, a guy should reach for a top-notch penis health crème (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) . This can be applied on a daily basis, thus helping ensure the best defense possible against penis odor. Look for a crème that contains vitamin A, also known as retinol, which has powerful antibacterial properties. A crème should also contain vitamin C, B5 and D, all of which are known for helping to fight diseases and bacteria. Finally, look for a crème that has plenty of Shea butter and vitamin E. Both are natural hydrators that can keep skin smooth and supple.

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