When the penis is feeling fine, a man is well positioned to really enjoy his sexual engagements, whether with a partner or with his own hand. But oh, when a guy has a sore penis, even the most elevated sex drive may not be enough: he may end up having sex but not necessarily enjoying it. Sometimes that annoying sore penis is the result of a penis health issue which causes tenderness, but in other instances it comes from overuse, misuse or some other reason. With that in mind, the following prevention trips may come in handy.

– Make nice with condoms. Yes, yes, condoms can be a hassle. They don’t always fit right. They can be difficult putting on in the heat of the moment. They look kind of funny. Doesn’t matter: they’re the best bet for keeping sexually-transmitted infections at bay, and STIs (in addition to everything else) can often create a sore penis. (Even when not sore, having partner-based sex while infected isn’t a good idea.) So use condoms when having sex with a partner to keep the penis in good shape for further playful encounters.

– Be a luber. One of the biggest causes of a sore penis is having sex without adequate lubrication – and that includes self with oneself. When the penis goes into action without lubrication, all of that friction does a real number of the delicate skin and the even more delicate nerves. When a guy is really “in the moment” sexually, he doesn’t necessarily notice – but afterwards, boy does he ever! So taking a little time to get properly lubed up before getting into matters is crucial. And if he’s able to take a brief moment to re-lubricate if things go on for an extended period of time, so much the better!

– Read instructions. Okay, it’s great when a person gets a new plaything, like a penis pump or a sex toy. Sometimes a guy is so excited he can’t wait to try it out – and so he doesn’t. he just jumps right in and gets everything all revved up and in action without taking a few minutes to read the instructions first. That’s often a recipe for a sore penis, as many sex toys and penis pumps need to be handled in a particular way in order to avoid soreness. It’s worth it to tell the penis to calm down for a few minutes; prevention of soreness if worth it.

– Go easy on himself. By the time he’s an adult, a guy has usually been masturbating so long that it’s second nature to him. But often he may be playing too rough with himself – especially when it comes to how tightly he grips his penis. A “death grip” may be fun occasionally, but using it too often is just asking for soreness.

– Don’t be afraid of change. People tend to fall into habits, and that extends to their sex lives. A guy may tend to masturbate in the same way or have sex with his partner in the same position over and over. There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with this, but it does mean that friction is hitting the same parts of the penis consistently. Try a little variation now and then to help fight rawness and subsequent soreness.

Prevention of a sore penis helps a guy maintain his sex life at an appropriate level. This can be further aided by the consistent use of a first rate penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Soreness often requires re-moisturization, so select a crème that includes a combination of hydrators, such as vitamin E and shea butter. Protecting penis sensation is also aided if the crème has a neuroprotective ingredient, such as L-carnitine, to help ensure continued sensitivity.

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