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Insistently Erect Penis When Sick: Why Does This Happen?

Although wise men pay proper attention to their penis health, one’s overall physical health can also affect what goes on in the midsection. For example, when a guy has a lot of pain, he’s unlikely to be sporting an erect penis that’s all set to play. But as a quick visit to men’s forums will reveal, many men report that when they are sick with something slight, such as a cold, they’re often not alone. They find they are accompanied by an erect penis – and one that is insistent on getting attention.

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Not surprisingly, there haven’t really been studies conducted on why a guy may feel especially excited when he’s sick in bed. After all, this is hardly a burning medical question that needs answering in order to benefit mankind in a big way. But as a result, there’s no real data to look at to answer questions about how prevalent this situation is, what causes it, why it happens with some sick situations and not with others, etc.

However, there are guesses that can be made, based on anecdotal evidence and on common sense assumptions.

– It’s not chronic . Guys getting to feeling randy when they have something of passing duration, such as a cold, rather than something which is long term.

– It happens when the situation is relatively simple. A cold or fever may knock a guy down a few pegs, but it doesn’t knock him down for the count like a heavy case of the flu.

– Guys get bored. While spending time resting can feel really good, after a while it simply gets boring. And often when a guy is bored, he turns to masturbation – especially if his eyes are too tired for reading or watching TV or playing video games. And if he’s already lying in bed and gets an erect penis, it helps him pass the time.

– Guys instinctively know it will help. They may think they’re just responding to arousing stimuli, but on one level, men may subconsciously know that ejaculating may make them feel better. Having an orgasm often helps to clear up the sinuses, give a little relief to a headache and help a guy feel drowsy enough to sleep more comfortably.

– It helps bolster the immune system. When a person is sick, they want their immune system operating at its peak. Part of that means having an appropriate number of white blood cells circulating throughout the body, seeking out foreign invaders that may be causing a person to be sick and neutralizing them. When a guy find she has an erect penis and masturbates it, this may help his immune system. Studies have shown that there are more white blood cells in the bloodstream of males both during the masturbation stage and while orgasming. (Interestingly, ejaculation does remove some nutrient which are beneficial to the immune system, such as zinc and copper. But it’s unclear if this “levels out” the benefit of the increased white blood cells. It’s also worth noting when the immune system kicks into gear, it is sometimes accompanied by an increase in a hormone that makes a man feel somewhat friskier.

So when a man is sick, he may find some benefit in relieving his erect penis. That will be easier if the penis is in prime shape, so he should be regularly using a superior penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). When sick, a man’s penis odor may be prone to rise, so using a crème with vitamin A included is urged. This vitamin has anti-bacterial properties to help battle persistent penis odor. The ideal crème should also contain moisturizing agents to keep dry penis skin at bay: a combination of shea butter and vitamin E provides great hydrating protection.

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