The fall semester has begun for most college students, and for many – especially freshmen – that means getting to know their new roommate. Often the two dudes are a great match, sometimes not so great – but even when the two students have a lot in common, there’s often a touchy subject that both may be thinking about but neither wants to broach – masturbation, or more specifically, how are they going to be able to masturbate with another guy (or, in some cases, several other guys) in the same room?

Granted, in some situations – such as college dorm suites – a guy shares a common room with a roommate but has his own private bedroom, in which case he has all the privacy he needs for masturbation. But more often than not, the college experience involves sleeping in the same room with another dude.

It’s okay

Sometimes, masturbation isn’t an issue. The roomies both have a very open attitude about sex, accept that each of them is going to masturbate, and feel free to talk about it. They can then come up with a plan that works for them. Some guys agree that they’ll just masturbate when they feel like it, and the other one will be fine with it (or may join in with a little masturbation himself).


The best option is to be able to discuss masturbation freely with a roommate – even if it starts out in a joshing and joking fashion – so that both parties agree on what to do. But for many, many guys, talking about masturbation is very difficult. In such cases where the men feel uncomfortable discussing things, they are left with a few options.

– Just do it – but quietly. One of the most commonly used options is for a guy to just go ahead and masturbate in his bed after the lights are out – and to hope that his roommate sleeps through it. Typically, the dude who wants to masturbate will wait until he hears signs the roomie is asleep – steady breathing or snoring, for example – and then as quietly as possible will indulge in self-gratification. One problem comes when both guys are feeling randy and so each is waiting for the other to fall asleep – which can delay the masturbating for quite some time.

– Use the men’s room. Often a dude finds it’s just easier for him to go into a stall in the bathroom and masturbate there. Unfortunately, if guys keep coming in and out, it can create some tension for the masturbator.

– Wait for alone time. After a few days, roommates tend to become familiar with each other’s schedules – when they have class, when they eat, when they hang out elsewhere, etc. This can help a guy to ‘schedule” his masturbation, so that when his friend is at Psych class across campus, he has plenty of time to indulge himself. It can be tricky, of course, because a class may be unexpectedly cancelled, or a dude may decide to skip his Wednesday afternoon basketball game to study. But this is often the best way of having some fairly safe “alone time.”

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