A man’s penis skin makes a huge impression on partners (and potential partners), as well as on just the casual viewer. (Guys do surreptitiously check each other out in, say, the locker room with a quick glance.) As we note in our article originally published on Ezinearticles.com, that’s one reason practicing appropriate penis health is important. When the skin is clean and clear, it assures onlookers that it is in good shape and disease-free (although, of course, in some cases appearances can be deceiving). Because it makes an impression, people may try to alter its looks for aesthetic reasons. One way in which this may be accomplished by some is penis lightening – but those who decide to take this route should be careful, as there are risks associated with it.

About penis lightening

Also known as penis bleaching and occasionally as penis whitening, penis lightening is pretty much exactly what it says: a way of lightening the skin color of the penis. Why would a man choose to do this? Almost exclusively for aesthetic reasons, as there does not appear to be a medical need for such a treatment.

Sometimes a guy may simply be trying to “even things out.” It’s not unusual for penis skin to be a little darker than the skin in the midsection, so lightening may make the penis look more like it belongs with the rest of the guy’s body. In some other cases, penis skin may be somewhat “blotchy” in pigmentation. Penis lightening might be a way to smooth out the blotches so that the penis skin is all one consistent color.

Some critics of penis lightening contend that many men do it out of a notion that light or white skin is simply more desirable than darker skin. The possible racial overtones of this viewpoint can turn penis lightening into a debate on racism.

Take care

Whatever a guy’s reason for choosing this option, he needs to be careful about it. Many doctors believe that penis lightening should be avoided at all costs, simply because there are risks associated with it. If a man does opt to explore it, getting the advice of a medical professional is strongly advised.

Although it is often called penis bleaching, actual laundry bleach should NEVER be used on delicate penis skin. Nor, for that matter, should peroxide. Instead, when using a liquid for lightening, lemon juice or milk is better for use as a base.

There have been reports of some men using a chemical peel to achieve a lightened penis; again, the delicacy of penis skin makes this a risky option.

Some men opt for laser-based surgical procedures for penis lightening. Many in the medical community are against this, again because of the risks to penis health that it poses. A man who does opt for a laser treatment should carefully select a qualified doctor with ample experience in the field. Swelling, pain, scarring, and even possible disfigurement are potential risks associated with laser lightening.

Being proud of one’s penis skin is one reason men opt for penis lightening. Maintaining pride in one’s penis is easier if one regularly uses a top-notch penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). A man’s penis deserves to be pampered with an effective crème, so a man is well advised to select the proper crème. Look for one that contains ingredients that will moisturize and nourish the skin, such as a high-end emollient (like shea butter) combined with a natural hydrating agent (like vitamin E). In addition, the crème should include L-carnitine. This amino acid has neuroprotective properties that can help maintain valuable penis sensitivity.

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