Morning wood. Every guy has experienced it, often every morning of their adult lives. Waking up with a very stiff and firm erection is a common occurrence – and one that it can be fun to take advantage of. Early morning erections are a sign of good penis health and at least every now and then a couple should take advantage of this situation to engage in some pre-breakfast sexual shenanigans. But while some guys may think there’s nothing to it other than rolling over and starting right in, it actually requires a certain amount of care and thought. Sex tips like the following can provide some useful guidance.

Sex tips for morning sex

– Consider morning breath. The biggest drawback to sex as soon as one awakes is that most people’s breath smells frankly horrible in the morning. Yet getting up and going to brush teeth can spoil the idea of having sex as the absolutely first thing in the morning. There are a couple of ways around this. One is to keep two glasses by the bedside – one empty, one with mouthwash. A quick gargle, rinse and spit can freshen up the breath. The other is to avoid kissing – and to utilize in sexual positions that don’t involve being face-to-face – doggie style, for example.

– Consider other odor offenses. Of course, bad breath isn’t the only possible odor offense a guy might make. Keep body odor at bay by showering before bed the night before. Men with especially odiferous feet should apply talcum powder or other foot powder before bed as well. And if penis odor is a serious issue, cleanse it well the night before – and take ongoing steps (such as regularly using a penis health crème) to eliminate that problem.

– Remember she doesn’t have a woody. A guy’s penis may be erect and raring to go, but the woman on the other side of the bed lacks the same impetus for sex. Even though she may be excited about getting frisky early in the morning, she is going to need to have her sexual urges woken up a bit. So even though a guy’s penis may be begging him to get busy with penetration, it’s a man’s responsibility to engage in foreplay that will allow his partner to “catch up” with him, arousal-wise.

– Empty the bladder. The last thing a guy wants to do before using his erect penis is to urinate. It ruins the mood and can deflate the penis as well. Limit intake of fluids before bedtime, and empty the bladder before sleep as well.

– Schedule sufficient time. Morning sex works best when neither partner is on a schedule, so trying for a weekend morning with no early appointments is the best bet. However, many couples especially like having a quick fling before work; the release of tension brought about by sex can often be just the thing to help them get through a hard day of work. Waking up early so that neither partner feels rushed or pressured will allow both to enjoy the experience to its fullest.

Early morning risers who employ these sex tips are even more likely to experience awesome sex if they keep their equipment in prime health. Daily application of a top notch penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) may be helpful in this regard. As mentioned, using an appropriate crème can be helpful in fighting penis odor, so seek out a crème with vitamin A. This vitamin is blessed with anti-bacterial properties to fight unwanted penis odor. The most desirable crème will also contain L-arginine, an amino acid which helps the body create nitric oxide; this in turn can help penis blood vessels more readily expand as blood flows into the penis.

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