It’s the rare man who is so well-versed in the ways of romance that he can’t use a few sex tips now and then. Often, male sex tips seem to focus on penis function or penis health, but as important as the penis may be in terms of getting frisky, it’s not the only factor in play. For example, most of the time sex occurs in the familiar confines of one bedroom or another. But sex tips experts remind people constantly that the bedroom is not the only room in the house – and that the house itself is not the only option for sexual encounters. Thinking outside the bedroom can be a boon, especially for long-time couples that may feel a little spark has gone out of their sex lives.

With that in mind, the following alternatives to the bedroom are presented:

– The laundry room. No, it is not on the surface the most romantic room in most houses. It’s generally on the small side and often shut away in some rather obscure section of the house. However, many couples report that having sex in the laundry room – and more specifically, having sex on top of the washer and/or dryer while they are in operation – can be a truly memorable experience. Sure, figuring out positions can be challenging, but the vibrations from the laundry equipment make the challenge well worth taking.

– The man cave. Wait a minute – invite a person of the female sex into the inner sanctum of maleness? Absolutely – although take the time to make it presentable first. Throw away the beer cans, pick up the trash, open the windows and let some air in. Once it’s habitable for someone without a penis, invite a partner in for some ear nibbling. Some studies indicate that men feel at their most masculine in their man caves, and that can translate into some very special sex.

– The living room. Yes, it’s tried-and-true, but there’s still something special about having sex in the living room. Whether on the sofa or a bearskin rug, underneath a ceiling fan or in front of a roaring fire, making love after cuddling and sipping wine in the living room can be a nice break from the norm.

– In a (very secluded) lake or stream. Public sex is a no-no, but if one can find a truly secluded watering hole, the erotic power of having sex outdoors, in a body of water, can be overwhelming. Skinny dipping is a nice prelude, and the feeling of two bodies rubbing against each other under the water is unique. Extra bonus points to the couple that finds an out-of-the-way waterfall for their Nature tryst.

– A tent. Getting back to Nature can be quite arousing, so taking advantage of the relative privacy of a tent can have great sexual benefits for a couple. The outdoor air can do wonders for enhancing a body’s sensitivity, and the idea of doing it almost in the outdoors is enticing. Do remember, however, that sound travels farther in the quietness of Nature – so keep moans to a minimum if others are too nearby. And keep the tent zipped up to prevent any nosy animals from interrupting.

Sex tips to take sex out of the bedroom are all well and good, but they need to also remind men to keep their penis health in good condition – and that requires regular application of a top-drawer penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). The best crèmes will contain both L-arginine and L-carnitine. The former is an amino acid that helps the body produce nitric oxide; this in turn helps penile blood vessels to expand to accommodate greater blood flow. The latter has neuroprotective properties that can help a penis retain its sensitivity in the face of rough handling.

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