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Some Sure-Fire Strategies to Straighten Up Weak Erections

There are few things more frustrating for a man than a weak erection. When the wind is out of his sail, a man can feel very angry, confused, and bad about himself. However, over 50 percent of men have issues with erectile function at some point in their lives, so don’t get down – get solutions instead. Here are seven ways a man can raise his erection from the dead.

#1: Lose the Spare Tire

Dunlap syndrome can rob men of boners – it’s true. Obesity is quickly becoming the top killer in America. It leads to heart disease, stroke, and diabetes, all of which kill erections. In fact, over 50 percent of men with diabetes suffer from erectile dysfunction. Eat a healthy diet, watch sugar levels, and get daily exercise to lose that spare tire, feel better, and get the sexy back.

#2: Guilty Dick

When a man loses his erectile function, one of the first questions doctors ask is, “Are you having an affair or getting some action on the down-low?” Well, maybe not in those words, but they ask because of the persistently high instances of lack of erectile function when committing adultery.

In layman’s terms, unless the wifey is cool with side pieces, it’s likely the hubby is going to feel guilty about it. That guilt will transform into anxiety, and guess what anxiety does? Yep, it shuts that erection all the way down. Decide which one goes: the cheating or the relationship.

#3: Don’t Stifle That Yawn!

For some people, just seeing or hearing the word yawn is enough to make them yawn; however, some people stifle their yawns. But men, here’s a reason to embrace yawning: The body believes that yawning and getting a woody is nearly the same thing.

When a man yawns, he releases nitric oxide, which goes down and out the mouth or down the spinal cord to the blood vessels that pump blood to the penis, filling it up to produce an erection. That’s why a big yawn has the power to create a tremor downtown. Men should allow themselves to yawn when it comes up to keep the neurochemical pathways open, keeping erections strong.

#4: Catch Those ZZZs

A man can sleep his way back to erectile function. Every night, men have between three and five hour-long erections. These erections are kind of like a reinvigoration for the penis. Blood rushes to the member and provides it with the oxygen it needs to maintain healthy tissue. Lack of sleep means lack of nighttime woodies, which means weak erections when a man is awake and raring to go.

If there was ever a reason to prioritize sleep, this is it.

#5: Put a Ring on It

Cock rings are ideal for helping a man maintain an erection. Notice the word “maintain.” That implies that the erection has to happen before the ring goes on. Basically, a man pops his weasel, he puts the cock ring on, and it keeps the blood in the shaft, thereby maintaining the erection. There are four types of rings: stretchy, solid, vibrating, and adjustable. A good place to start is a modest stretchy one at first to get used to the feeling.

Pro: They also keep condoms in place.

Cons: Don’t fall asleep with it on, and it can keep blood flow in for an excessive amount of time, which can lead to penile atrophy.

#6: Snip Weak Erections in the Bud

If a man is done having rug-rats or doesn’t want them to begin with, a vasectomy might be for him. How? Some men fear an accidental pregnancy – a condom broke, she wasn’t on the pill, etc. That anxiety kills erectile function. A little snip-snip (it’s an outpatient surgery), and that anxiety goes away. Oh, but don’t have unprotected sex for six weeks, as it takes a little while to kick in.

#7: Use a Penis Creme

Some men use a penis creme to shock and awe their penis back to life. By using a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) regularly, they experience stronger, firmer erections. A quality crème will have L-arginine and vitamin C, two proven blood flow boosters. Add some L-carnitine to the mix for peripheral nerve damage protection to preserve and enhance sensitivity. Wrap it up with even more nutrients with a smooth, shea butter base and a man’s little friend will be standing tall and proud in no time.

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