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Penis Odor: 10 Ways to Destroy it before it Destroys the Mood

There are lots of reasons a man may have a smelly penis. Sometimes, it’s an infection like a yeast infection, urinary tract infection, or urethritis, which can also come with a side of serious discomfort and will need some prescription intervention. Partner transmitted infections can also be to blame as well. However, the simplest and most common reason men have penis odor is the most obvious, they either don’t regularly clean their penis, or they just don’t do it well. Lax hygiene can lead to infections and other things like smegma, balanitis, and foreskin issues.

Here’s the good news. There are many ways to keep a penis smelling fresh as a morning mist with a little attention to detail and a few habits that are easy to make. Here are ten tips every man should know for keeping his junk smelling fresh and inviting. They range from hints on hygiene to safe sex practices and other grooming go-to’s that all men should know and incorporate into their wellness habits.

Penis Odor Buster #1: Hang Loose and Free When Possible

Switch out those tight, polyblend skivvies. Switch to loose cotton underwear, so the penis has room to breathe and air out. This cuts down sweat, which cuts down the stink. Free ball at night as well to give the snake some time out of its cage each day to double down on the freshness.

Penis Odor Buster #2: Wash Warm and Wash Often

Clean the penis frequently with warm water and a gentle cleanser. Rinse thoroughly, and pat or air dry as rubbing can cause irritation.

Penis Odor Buster #3: Be Meticulous

When cleaning the penis, pay attention to every fold. If uncircumcised, retract the foreskin and gently clean the area to prevent smegma buildup.

Penis Odor Buster #4: Canvas the Whole Area

While it’s tempting just to wash the penis with intent and let the water cascade down the rest, don’t resist spending some QT cleansing the entire reproductive area from the front to the back and all the sides. Penis odors love to hide and multiply in dark, warm spaces.

Penis Odor Buster #5: Tend the Garden

Keep the pubic hair trimmed or shaved. Longer hair down there can clasp onto stinky smells from moisture, bacteria, dirt, and leftover emissions.

Penis Odor Buster #6: Talk it Out

Have an open dialogue with intimate partners about sensual health before getting busy. Do not engage in intimacy with a person who has a rash, discharge, or other symptoms of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Penis Odor Buster #7: The Other Infections

Carryover from #6, do not have any kind of intimate contact with someone who has a UTI or yeast infection as they are also communicable. Generally, both have a funky, foul odor attached to them as well as a discharge that can be milky or chunky and white.

Penis Odor Buster #8: Oral Safety

When performing oral, use a barrier method. If they smell funky in their spot, decline. Many infections can be transmitted orally.

Penis Odor Buster #9: Protect Proficiently

When sensually active, use condom and water-based lubes to prevent infection, bacterial invasion, and STIs. Avoid anything that is oil-based or flavored; not only can it introduce bacteria, it can also lead to irritation and infection.

Penis Odor Buster #10: Freshen Up

Use a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to keep the penis clean and fresh. This crème contains vitamin A for its skin-soothing and antibacterial properties. IT also contains other vitamins and essential nutrients that encourage healthy skin turnover, flexibility and reduce redness. Apply daily for best results.

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