The winter holidays aren’t all jolly old St. Nick and reindeer tamping their hooves on the roof. While the younger set (much younger) may be worried about if they’ve been naughty or nice, the grown-ups know that sometimes naughty is about as nice as things can get. So during the winter holidays, it pays to grab life – one’s sex life, at least – by the mistletoe and make the season especially bright. As long as penis health isn’t a challenge, there’s no reason a couple can’t enjoy a sexy winter treat – and that goes double if they take advantage of these simple sex tips.

– Take advantage of your highs. Not artificial highs – natural ones. Most babies are born in September, nine months after December. And this winter holidays month also typically reports a sizable jump in sales of condoms. That’s not really surprising. During cold winter months, people look for more indoor activities in order to stay physically active – and that definitely includes sex. People also tend to have a little more time off from work during the winter holidays, giving them more time to pay attention to their libidos. And since testosterone levels tend to be on the upswing in fall and winter, those libidos are primed for action. So with all that going on, take advantage of the season’s innate sexiness to dive under the covers or get cozy in front of a roaring fire.

– And take advantage of that punch. Many couples find that just a little something alcoholic can get them even more “in the mood.” Many of the season’s bets punches have just that little extra tang to them that these couples are looking for. So if a little pick-me-up helps one or both partners relax, this is a fine season to find something tasty right at hand.

– Explore seasonal fantasies. Even couples who haven’t done a lot of sexual role playing may find that the winter holidays provide the right framework for dipping their toes in. Find out just why Rudolph was so frustrated at being left out of all those reindeer games. Explore just what it is that makes Santa so jolly all the time. Pretend to be a Christmas tree and let someone hang plenty of decorations.

– Dress up. It may not be Halloween, but the holidays are synonymous with seasonal themed clothing. Adult onesies with snow scenes or holiday decorations on them are quite popular – and quite fun to remove from a partner. Wearing an elf’s hat and shoes and nothing else is surprisingly enticing. And something about candy canes on boxers and holly leaves on panties makes it even more fun to take them off.

– Exchange toys. What sex tips list would be complete without encouragement to play with some sex toys? Sure, they can be holiday themed, like a vibrating egg with a snowman’s face or a penis ring that’s red on one side, green on the other. But even a year-round anal plug or a traditional set of handcuffs can add some spice when opening gifts under the tree.

Need any other sex tips for the winter holidays, men? Try this tip for all seasons: Every day, spend time using a first-rate penis health oil (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Take stock of what penis health issues should be addressed. If persistent penis odor is a problem, look for an oil with vitamin A, which has strong antibacterial properties to help address this common problem. Has the manhood lost a little of its old zing in terms of sensitivity and sensation? Be sure the oil also contains L-carnitine, an amino acid that has special properties that help even roughly handled penises maintain proper sensitivity.

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