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What to Do with a Tingling Penis (and How to Prevent One in the Future)

Doesn’t a tingling penis sound fun? Like fireworks or Thor’s lightning shaking through the shaft? Well, those aren’t the tingles being discussed here. This penis tingling is the painful, irritating sort. It’s a pins-and-needles feeling that’s not pleasant and can be a bit scary. But here’s the good news; many reasons for a tingling penis are not serious and are easy to quell and reverse. Let’s break down penis tingles and learn how to get rid of them and then keep them away in the days that come.

1) Contact Dermatitis. It’s a fancy phrase for an allergic reaction of the skin. A tingling penis happens when the penis and surrounding area comes into contact with an allergen. Common allergens that affect the reproductive region include things like body wash, lotions, lube, laundry detergents, or condoms. It can also be caused by environmental allergens a man may come in contact with while going commando such as grass, poison ivy, or other flora. Penis piercing can also cause contact dermatitis. If a man thinks he has an allergic reaction, cleanse the area with mild soap or just rinse thoroughly with warm water. Use an OTC cortisone cream to bring down the reaction and possible pop a Benadryl to help things along. It should clear up in a few days. If not, follow up with a doctor.

2) Infection. Penis tingling can be caused by the inflammation the skin experiences when inflamed. Infections primarily attack nerve endings (of which the penis, especially the head, has many). Infections can include a wide array of things from the less-serious like a yeast infection or jock itch, to the more severe like sexually transmitted infections. An infection will not only bring a tingling penis, but it can also cause swelling, discharge, and pain. See a doc ASAP for a diagnosis.

3) Penile Trauma. Penis injury is an everyday cause for a tingling penis. Injuries are easy to get, they can be the result of an errant elbow in the groin, an overexcited dog’s paw, or surgery. Lots of times, an injury just needs time to heal. Sometimes a cool compress and ibuprofen can reduce the tingles and pain. If it’s a more serious type of penile trauma, seek out medical care, and follow doctor instructions.

4) Kidney Stones. They call them stones, but they may as well be boulders. They begin by causing slight pressure on the penis, then the penis tingling starts. Soon, those tingles turn into piercing pain until the stone is passed. Some kidney stones are too large to pass, so they must be surgically removed or by applying shock wave lithotripsy to break the stone into smaller pieces to be passed. It’s common to see pinkish urine once the stone is passed.

5) Paresthesia. This condition is tingling in the penis that is most associated with disease state caused nerve damage. Diseases like diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and some cancers will cause penis tingling.

How to Prevent a Tingling Penis

There are a few no-nonsense ways to keep a penis healthy and tingle-free. Start by practicing safe intimacy. Use protection and have open conversations with partners before engaging in sexual activity. Also, be sure to urinate after having sex to reduce the chance of urinary tract or yeast infection. Next, do spot-tests when changing body products like laundry detergent, body wash, or lube. This can save a lot of pain and suffering later. Stay healthy by making regular visits to the doctor and eating a healthy diet and drinking a lot of fresh water.

Finally, make a habit of thoroughly cleansing and moisturizing the penis daily, and additionally after sex or exercise. Use a mild cleanser like baby wash or one that contains only natural ingredients. After washing and rinsing the area, massage a specially formulated penis health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin) to the penis. These creams are designed specifically for the penis and contain tons of essential vitamins, amino acids, and natural moisturizers to calm and refresh penile skin. Men experiencing nerve damage should be sure to use a creme that also contains L-Carnitine, as clinical research has indicated it defends against peripheral nerve damage typical to diabetes and neurological diseases.

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