Every man knows that maintaining penis sensitivity is of the utmost importance. The more sensitive the penis – in most cases – the more enjoyment a man will get out of the use of his penis in sensual activity. There are many ways to help ensure that penis sensation stays at an optimum level, including ensuring that the best penis care regimen is followed every single day.

Preserving Penis Sensitivity

But unfortunately, a man might be doing things in the course of his day-to-day life that lead to a lack of penis sensitivity. The good news is that many of these issues can be remedied with some extra attention to what a guy is doing every day. Here are some of the reasons for lack of penis sensation and how a man can restore what he deserves to feel.

Too much friction. A man’s penis is subject to all sorts of friction throughout the day. Of course, masturbation and sexual fun are the first things that come to mind, but a man might be surprised if he sits down to think about everything that happens to his penis during the day. There is the friction of underwear rubbing on the sensitive skin, the motion of pants rubbing over that, the motion of pulling out the penis to urinate throughout the day, or even washing with a cloth that is a little too rough. The result can be thickening of the skin, which in turn leads to lack of penis sensation. Guys can fix this by wearing very soft underwear and taking the time to really think about how to preserve their penis sensitivity.

Health issues. Many health conditions can cause serious problems throughout the body, including the lack of penis sensation. This happens with a wide variety of problems, but the most common is diabetes. That’s because diabetes can affect the nerves and blood vessels, thus leading to a lack of sensation – or worse, to a tickling, prickly feeling. Some medications used to treat other medical conditions can also lead to a lack of sensation. It’s vitally important to see the doctor if penis sensitivity has become less, as it could be something easily reversible.

Drinking too much. Lots of men use alcohol, and most of the time it causes little issue when it comes to penis health. Moderation is the key! However, sometimes heavy drinking can lead to a lack of penis sensation, which means a man doesn’t enjoy himself as much. Even worse, drinking too much can make it tough to get it up! The remedy is to back off the spirits for a while.

Smoking. Science is clear about the fact that smoking affects the entire body, and it does this through affecting circulation. The blood having a more difficult time pumping can lead to reduced blood flow to the penis, which means weaker erections. It can eventually affect the nerves as well, dulling them to a point where a man can definitely notice a lack of penis sensitivity. The solution? Stop smoking.

Psychological issues. Although it’s not often discussed, a man’s physical well-being is often tied directly to his emotional and mental health. Those who are dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety might find that the pleasurable sensations their penis used to provide are now dulled and distant. A man who is in a relationship that he’s not sure of, perhaps one in which his partner is cheating, might find that his body doesn’t respond to that partner’s touch as well as it used to. These issues deserve a good investigation.

Medications. Several medications that are commonly prescribed, such as those for depression or other mental health issues, can have a direct impact on penis health. These medications might lead to a lack of drive, but in addition, could impact the very skin of the penis, leaving it a little less sensitive to touch. If this becomes a serious issue, a doctor might be able to switch to a different medication that will help avoid the problem.

Maintaining Penis Sensation

Keeping that great penis sensitivity can be helped along with a solid penis care regimen, and that includes a high-quality penis health oil ( health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which has been clinically proven safe and mild for skin ). Look for an oil with vitamins that help the skin, such as vitamin E, vitamin A, and vitamin B5 – all powerhouses of skin health.

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